About us

Our company is specializing on production and selling high-technological chelated microfertilizers Nanoagricole TM for different kinds of crops.

The main mission of the company Nanoagricole is increasing of agricultural productiveness, gaining ecologically pure, biologically various, alimentary and fodder products, that is always vital in every country,because it is the base for solving demographical, economical, ecological, social and other problems, which provide national security and life quality of the population.



The extraordinary importance of plant nutrition with micronutrients lacking in the soil is generally recognized in the world practice and does not give rise to doubt. Micronutrients as well as vitamins provide the most important processes of intracellular metabolism. No enzymes are formed without them, oxidation processes stop, photosynthesis as well as the formation of sugary and protein substances are not possible. Life is impossible without them!