About us

Our company is specializing on production and selling high-technological chelated microfertilizers Nanoagricole TM for different kinds of crops.

The main mission of the company Nanoagricole is increasing of agricultural productiveness, gaining ecologically pure, biologically various, alimentary and fodder products, that is always vital in every country,because it is the base for solving demographical, economical, ecological, social and other problems, which provide national security and life quality of the population.

Moreover, the diametrical climate changes in some regions of the world, the extremeness of weather conditions during last years, decreasing of many traditional crop yields requires development of the adaptive preparations, which enhence stability of qualitative and quantitative yield figures against adverse environmental factors.

Production tests of formulation efficacy have been successfully done in scientific and technological centers in different countries. To date similar products of Nanoagricole under another trademarks are represented as in Ukraine, as in European and Asian countries as well.

The presented chelated complex of microelements with biostimulants Nanoagricole TM is the effective technologically available, ecologically harmless, economically competitive product, which enhances biological productivity of crops in the adverse environmental conditions.

The production of the company is oriented onto the Central, Eastern and Western regions of African –°ontinent. The experience of application of the preparation Nanoagricole reveals that their usage will considerably increase the qualitative and quantitative figures of crop yield.

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