In The Russian Federation. The United States, The Europian Union and Africa sunflower is the main oil-plant, which the edible and technical oils are taken from. According to the last data, the yield of sunflower in the South Afria has increased up to 8,5%.

For a productive growth sunflower needs quite good soil and warm climat, and these are the appropriate conditions for the production of high-demand crop on the African continent. The introduction of the chelated fertilizers enhences not only crop capacity but oil content of plants. The early nutrition of plants gives sagnificant increase in yield as well.

As a result of using the microfertilizers NANOAGRICOLE for top dressing, blooming is strengthened, aging of plants isaccelerated, and also the content of vegetable fats is raised, correspondingly this allows getting quite qualitive oil production.

1.Foliar nutrition

2.Seed treatment