Extreme climate conditions - one of the major factors hindering the productivity of various crops, therefore top-dressing of plants is utterly needed in order to avoid crop losses and, in addition, to increase its extent. Usage of the appropriate formulations will help to maintain the biological value of plants, thereby it will enhance their yield.       

The prepatations used in this procedure are natural stimulants of crops. The nutrients enrich stems of plants with the active trace elements and that promotes their persistant and rash growth.      

The main and important function of the formulation is that plants icrease their capacities of stability and resistance against severe and unsteady environmental conditions, also considersble impact of soil diseases while performing the top-dressing of plants. Inrtoduction of the preparations for the top-dressing will provide high servival rate of crops in different terms of soil and sharply changeable climat conditions, it will drastically enhance the externt of priductivity and quality of recieved products.

 1. Foliar nutrition of cereals  

 2. Seed treatment of cereals