The production of corn in African countries can save rural economy in poor regions and help supply the population with food. In industry сorn is used for the production of variaty of different products.

Corn play an important role for the dicreasing of scales of povetry in Africa. It`s been counted, that since the mid 1990s annualy they`ve managed to save more than million of people from the povetry by growing of new sorts of corn. First of all the main economic profit from the corn production consists of obtaining of experiance by local farmers, who later on will be able to supply themselves and the local ihabitants with food.

Usage of fertilizes while performing the growing of corn will help overcome strongly influencing factors of soil and environment. Thus the chelated microfertilizes with biostimulants contribute to active growth of seeds and plants, that allows to gain the high-quality yield of corn.

1. Foliar nutrition

2. Seed treatment