Chadian trials on cotton 2014

This year our partners in Chad performed successful trials of the product Nanoagricole-Cotton on the cotton plants and received high figures and great results! The product showed its efficacy and strong capacities of resistance in adverse environment and greatly increased the cotton yield on the Chadian soil!



FAO: Issues of agricultural revolution

Reporter Rob Corben in Bangkok reveals ideas of FAO official regarding targets of agricultural revolution.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization [FAO] says the world needs to boost agriculture production by 60 percent to meet its estimated food needs over the coming decades. The FAO says declining amounts of arable land and fresh water resources, however, create challenges.

The FAO says improving food securitylevels by 2050 may require a second "Green Revolution" to boost agricultural yields and feed the world’s expected nine billion people.


Nanoagricole in adverse terms of Africa

Africa is the hottest continent of the Earth, which it owes its geographical location. Climatic conditions ranging from the Mediterranean terms in the South-Western part to moderate in the central part of the country and subtropical in the North-East. Warm sunny days and cold nights are typical for the territory, this factor is one of the most influential on the process of crop production. Availability of fertile soils is favorable for various agricultural activities.