Novelity and advantages

  • Confirmed by patents;
  • The preparation contains the most complete composition of essential micronutrients, including cobalt, molybdenum and boron in bioavailable complex form;
  • The balanced set of chelating agents (ethylene diamine disuccinic acid, succinic acid, apple acid, tartaric acid, racemic tartaric acid, aspartic acid, ethanedioic acid and citricacid) makes the complexes with micronutrients stable in a wide range of pH, which enables the effective usage of microfertilizer on acidic, neutral and even weakly basic soils;


Disadvantages of existing analogues

Invaluable natural poly-carboxylic acids in NANOAGRICOLE act as native chelating agents (which have an affinity with living cell) covering the micronutrients with fixed natural organic layer, masking their penetration through the stomata, significantly increasing the rate of absorption and facilitating the movement in plant tissues.

Derivatives of succinic acid, hydroxy-succinic acid, aminosuccinic acid, ethylene diamine disuccinic acid (oxalic acid, tartaric acid, racemic tartaric acid, aspartic acid), ethanedioic acid, citric acid, isocitric acid and ketoglutaric acid, which are the components of NANOAGRICOLE, as well as patented factors “Heliovector” and “Foliovector” participate in very important oxidative cycles of substance transformation in organism (Krebs, Roberts, Barro cycles, gluconeogenesis and neo glycolysis), act as activators of energetic processes, contributing to production of the main energetic substance ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in cells, significantly increase the resistance and adaptability of plants to adverse environmental conditions.


Statistics of implementation

Inrease of crop yield after the treatment of seeds abd foliar fertilizing with "NANOAGRICOLE-cereals"