Highly effective liquid regulator of plant and fruit growth, antistress agent, cryoprotector and inhibitor of diseases. It contains Boron in a biologically active form of accelerated uptake in the form of four-coordinated complex compounds - ethanolamine (N → B) threehydroxiborats.





Mass fracture Boron compl., %




Mass fracture Boron compl., g/l

182 139 108

Mass fracture Colamine, %

26 21 17

Mass fracture Colamine, g/l

364 290 230

Mass fracture N amin, %

6 5 4

Mass fracture N аmin, g/l

84 69 54

The Nanoagricole- Boron-active includes the complexing agent Colamine - a highly biogenic amino alcohol:

    • the vitamin «Mi» or "factor of membrane integrity";

    • included in the the lecithin and cephalins - phosphatides which form cell membranes;

    • one of the main antioxidants of organism along with the tocopherols and ascorbic acid;

    • prevents lipid peroxidation and free-radical decomposition;

    • is a major precursor in the biosynthesis of the most important biologically active substances: choline, methionine, glutamine, serine, acetylcholine;

    • increases the activity of many enzymes (amylase, phosphatase, etc.);

    • activates protein and phosphorus metabolism;

    • participates in the conversion of fats, in the biosynthesis of vitamins A and C, inhibits their oxidation;

    • optimizes carbohydrate metabolism, regulates the glucose homeostasis;

    • stimulates the formation of chlorophyll and accelerates of photosynthesis;

    • suppresses autoimmune destruction (self-destruction);

    • contains the amino nitrogen, which accelerates root formation;

    • protects crops from lodging;

    • activates the uptake of moisture from the soil and improves drought resistance of plants;

    • regulates transpiration (evaporation of water by plants) and the intensity of mineral nutrition, increases the efficiency of macrofertilizers;

    • increases the resistance of the organism to disease;

    • strengthens the natural resistance and adaptive qualities of plants to adverse factors of stress effects;

    • accelerates plant growth and development, increases their productivity;

    • raises the level of sugar in the roots, fats in the oil crops, contributes to the accumulation of protein in grains and legumes, increases the content of ascorbic acid in fruit.  

Foliar nutrition (beet, rape, sunflower, maize, legumes, vine)

Boron (В)compel 13%,

Nitrogen (N) 6%

Boron (В)compel 10%,

Nitrogen (N) 5%

Boron (В) compel 8%,

Nitrogen (N) 4%

Boron in a biologically active form of accelerated uptake: four-coordinated complexcompounds - monoethanolamine (N → B) threehydroxiborat and diethanolamine (N → B) threehydroxiborat.




Foliar nutrition of crops (spraying) is performed on vegetative plant, better together with the nitrogen-potash fertilizers and plant-protecting agents after the compatibility test. The formulation NANOAGRICOLE removes the stress from the impact of agrochemicals, it is well-combined with the urea solution and fungicides. Any standart equipment is used for the spraying of crops, the spray solution is prepared before use, meanwhile pouring the canister of NANOAGRICOLE(20l) to 2 m3 of urea solution per 10ha of crops(2l\ha), i.e. The microfertilizer is diluted 1:100 to concentration of 1%. The optimal temperature of the spray solution is +15-20°C, at air temperature of +10-25°C and average daily temperature of at least +5°C. The nutrition is performed 2-3 times at intervals of 2 weeks at night, avoiding bright sunlight, rain or strong winds. 

    • is rapidly absorbed and eliminate micronutrient deficiency of boron in plants;

    • increases the number of flowers and fruits;

    • prolongs the lifetime of plant pollen; improves the process of pollination; participates in the construction of the seed tubes;

    • prevents abscission of generative organs, reducing the percentage of buds dropping under stressful conditions;

    • prevents the development of diseases of boron deficiency (necrosis and distortion of leaves, chlorosis, beet core rot);

    • corrects the cell division process, building of cambial rings, root formation and leaf growth of plants;

    • accelerates the biosynthesis of carbohydrates, growth substances (heteroauxins), ascorbic acid and lignin;

    • accelerates the migration of nutrients from the leaves to fruiting bodies and the roots;

    • corrects calcium metabolism, accelerate its absorption by soil;

    • increases immunity of plants; has bactericidal, fungicidal and insecticidal action;

    • promotes the rational use of soil moisture; regulates water homeostasis of plant cells;

    • increases crop yields; enhances their quality: the sugar content, the level of starch and oil content;

    • reduces the ripening time of crops; increases the shelf life of agricultural products; 

WARNING! The PREPERATION combined with soluble salts of phosphoric acid and alkaline products creates deposition! Highly effective formulation! Overdose is not permitted! 

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: The preparation is not toxic, ecologically harmless, odour-free, doesn`t cause allergy, it belonges to the fourth class of low hazardous substances. Adhere to generaly accepted security measures. In case of contact with skin or eyes rinse with water.

STORAGE: Store in closed original packing at temperature from 0°C-30°C, avoiding direct sunshine.

Shelf life is 2 years.

Tare:  2; 20; 1000 liters.