Legumes are the rich sourse of protein, but to cut great yield it`s necessary to adhere to appropriate soil conditions while growing.

The preparation NANOAGRICOLE supplies plants with nutritious substances, the content of which may not be enough in the soil.

The usage of chelate fertilizer with concentrated biostimulants allows to considerably increase quantitative and qualitative figure of yield. The NANOAGRICOLE fertilizer contains the appropriate component-molibden for the growth of legumes, which enhances germination of plants, and the active components saturate them with nutritious substances.

In the structure of agricultural export of Senegal, Nigeria, Mozambique, Uganda, Niger, Côte d'Ivoire and some other counties the growing of legumes have primary importance. Thus the introduction of extra means to sustain and increase yields of legumes, and the application of concentrsted formulations is a vital issue for the effective running of agriculture in African region.

1. Foliar nutrition

2. Seed treatment