The extraordinary importance of plant nutrition with micronutrients lacking in the soil is generally recognized in the world practice and does not give rise to doubt. Micronutrients as well as vitamins provide the most important processes of intracellular metabolism. No enzymes are formed without them, oxidation processes stop, photosynthesis as well as the formation of sugary and protein substances are not possible. Life is impossible without them!

The selective analysis of soils in Europe shows that the content of some essential micronutrients has decreased in tens to hundreds of times in recent years of land use! Against this background the effect of the usage of traditional (NPK) macrofertilizers repeatedly reduces . The problem of land fertility reduction has become a global threat. Biomass of cultivated plants does not return to the circulation of elements in this landscape by 60-80%. The content of humus in the famous Ukrainian black earth soil has dropped in a quarter: annual losses on the average amount are 0.62 t/ha. Nearly 1.5 million hectares of Ukrainian lands are in urgent need of fertility restoration and 625,000 hectares of former black earth soil are irrevocably lost for farming. Today, Ukraine preserved less than one percent of lands, the fertility of which is maintained at an appropriate level!

In the USA 55% of the formerly fertile lands are not suitable for agriculture anymore. This figure is even higher in Europe and it increases drastically! Not to confirm the sinister “Law of diminishing soil fertility”, formulated in 1798 by Thomas Malthus, the British scientist and priest, it is necessary to severe the measures all over the world which ensure the reproduction of soil fertility through the regular application of “organic fertilizers” to the soil and the use of harmless chelated micronutrient preparations of the last generation, absorbing by the entire surface of plants.

In addition, the significant climate change in some regions of Europe in the direction of sharply continental, the extreme weather conditions for the recent years, the reduction of the yield of many traditional crops require the development of adaptogenic preparations that increase the resistance of plants to adverse environmental factors.

Liquid concentrate NANOAGRICOLE is the water-soluble complex of chelated (organically bound) micronutrients Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Co, Мо, (В, Mg, Са, S) with natural “energetic” acids (succinic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, racemic tartaric acid, asparticacid, oxalic acid, citric acid) and their biologically active derivatives (succinate,malate, tartrate, asparaginate, oxalate and citrate). The growth factor HV (“Heliovec-tor”), developed and patented by the Scientific and Production Agricultural Association NanoAgricole, greatly increases the resistance of plants to aggressive environmental impact and in addition it is powerful biostimulant. The original component TFV (“Transfoliovector”) accelerates the penetration of nutrients through epidermis and cuticular layer of plants. Variations for pre-sowing seed treatment are enhanced by the growth stimulants – auxins.

The chelated antidotes (antidotes in case of poisoning by heavy metals): ethylene diamine disuccinic acid, ethylene diamine tetracetic acid and hydroxyl ethylidene diphosphonic acid, which are widely used in medicine, are used as additional complexing compounds to reduce the toxicity of penetrating micronutrients and to increase their bioavailability.